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Some say that trying to buy a home is hard.

Others say that buying a home is easy, it's the "keeping it" that is hard.

The reality is this: if you know what to do and when, and you do it, both owning and keeping a home are easy.

This website has two components - "Own it" and "Keep it!".

If you are thinking about becoming a homeowner, you should know that buying a home is more than touring properties and choosing one - it involves educating yourself about the home-buying process and your finances. To buy a home wisely, please see the "Own it! side of the website.

If you own a home and are having trouble paying your mortgage(s), there are things you can do to help save your home, so please visit the "Keep it!" side of the website for ideas and available sources.

As this website was created as an informational resource only, visitors will be able to use the site anonymously - we do not track or contact anyone who visits the site.